Monsoon is finally here! While we all know that modern urban life is all about the hustle, during the rains all we want to really do is sit indoors, sip on chai, eat hot snacks and avoid stepping out as much as we can.
 To help you enjoy the rains right from the comfort of your home, we have shortlisted five must have apps to make life easy based on your mood.


Craving masala chai and steaming hot Vadapav? When the rain shower us with their love, all we want to do is binge on yummy food. We cant describe the joy of enjoying a hot cup of tea along with some piping hot bhajjis. But, are you ready to brave the rain? Well, with UberEATS you can get your local favourites delivered fast and indulge without the hassle of getting drenched or finding parking.


When you missed taking stock of your grocery supplies: You want to cook a special meal for your family but soon realise that you’ve run out of supplies. Gosh, it can be so frustrating! To save you from the rains, Groffers is always at your rescue! You no longer need to make a trip to the supermarket and returning with a heavy bag of groceries for the month. With Groffers, you can now get everything you need, delivered at your your convenience. So, choose your items, place the order for a given date and time, and be rest assured that the your groceries will reach you.

Urban Clap

Monsoon is the season of oily skin, frizzy hair and unclean nails. You can’t avoid getting drenched in rains and all you want to do is get visit a salon for an elaborate grooming session. But the commute to a parlour in the rain can be a pain! Worry not. With Urban Clap’s world-class services offered at home, you can get that pedicure or massage while you enjoy the rain watching your favourite sitcom.


Just when you are getting dressed for work and are ready to apply your kajal, you realize that your favourite kajal pencil is over and you are already running late for work. So you decide to go sans makeup to work and all day people keep coming up to you asking you if you are unwell (let’s face it you do look sick without your trusted kajal). Only if you ordered your makeup supplies in bulk with Nykaa’s special offers you would have had more confidence all day especially for that new business pitch.


Imagine waking up on a Monday morning with a flowy nose and bad head ache… both of which can take a toll on your health for days and ruin your entire schedule. Monsoon brings in a flurry of infections and while you are coping with this, Practo helps you find doctors, clinics around your home and get medical attention at the earliest.


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